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She specifically refuses to include more than basic pseudo-AI into any of her systems. Weaponry - Ampula's armor and cybernetics, combined, have many forms of weaponry, almost all of them energy-based. Most prominent are her advanced Tesla cannons, directed along her cybernetic arms. When charged, these cannons can unleash powerful electrical discharges. However, she is able to adjust these energy levels based on the data from her bio-scanners to avoid killing her targets. Her entire armor and cybernetics can also emit electrical bursts to enemies who get too close, though this fires more at random than at a target.

She also has other energy-based weapons, particularly the concussive energy beams from her hands and chestplate.

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These weapons can also adjust their power to compensate for an enemy's strength. They can also be modified with settings to make them project heat instead of just concussive force, allowing her to cut or blast through objects if more than pure force is needed. Jet Boots - Ampula can hit speeds up to Mach 5, though only briefly. She can sustain a stable velocity of Mach 3 under normal conditions.

The power of these jet boots allow her to carry heavy objects. Her stability is monitored by her computer systems, translating her neural signals into controlled flight. She can also use these jets to launch herself into a similarly-controlled rocket-jump. Her armor and cybernetics can withstand the forces during flight and the impacts of landing from jumps. Intelligence - Ampula is possessed of a highly genius-level IQ, bordering on super-genius at More than just the number, she has a very innovative and adaptive mind, allowing her to improvise quickly in various situations.

It is unknown whether this level of intelligence is superhuman in nature or simply natural.

Cybernetics, Electronics, Robotics, Neurology, and Anatomy - Ampula has a doctorate in cybernetics design and application. She was one of the leading designers of cybernetic prosthetics until the company she worked for was burned down, its owner killed, and all assets passed on to her. Her particular brand of cybernetics does not interface with a computer in the brain, but instead functions by connecting directly into the nervous system. As such, she has an intimate knowledge of cybernetics, and by extension, electronics, robotics, neurology, and human anatomy in general.

She is a qualified surgeon as well, though her experience extends only to cybernetic surgery. Jump to: navigation , search. Characteristics Age: 40 Height: 5'8 possibly 5'10 since cybernetic limbs Weight: 85 lbs. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Donate Donate to the PDB. This page was last modified on 21 September , at This page has been accessed 4, times. Player: Maekada. Biographical Data. Real Name:.

Delphi Melody Arlen. Known Aliases:. Delphi, Ampula. Place of Birth:. Los Angeles, CA. Base of Operations:.

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[Diagnosis of carcinoma of Vater's ampulla by duodenoscopy].

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Endurance Number of starts: 6 Only the results from 01 January included. View more statistics. Results Athletes. Athlete name Denis Moiseev Danie Saayman. Date Show Event Competition Obs. RUS Last Ride: RSA Last Ride: Load more.

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