Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

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His books have been translated abroad. An unexpected meeting. A whirlwind of emotions. Daniele and Sara are in Gubbio for Christmas Eve. The atmosphere is peaceful and they seem a perfect couple, indeed there is already talk of a wedding At least until the moment when Daniele receives from his agent a script to read: he is wanted as an actor in a film. At first he is reluctant, not wanting to be separated from Sara, but the opportunity is too good to pass up, so, after much hesitation, he accepts the job.

When she finds out, their relationship seems on the point of breaking down, but the crisis soon passes. But there is another hurricane on the way. Patrisha Mar was born in Ravenna, Her great passions have always been writing and reading. She never leaves home without a book in her handbag. She loves watching movies, TV films and American romantic comedies. Newton Compton has previously published her La mia eccezione sei tu. The Special Effects of Love It will captivate you, as it has captivated us Ashley Morgan is twenty-four, has a great passion for books and thinks her future is guaranteed: she will succeed her father as managing director of the family confectionery business.

But her father decides to give the job to Jamie Standley, who has worked with him for years and become his right-hand man.

Ashley feels cheated and breaks off all ties with her father. Three years later he dies, leaving a large fortune. But all this is on one condition: that the two beneficiaries work together and live under the same roof for a year Once again Ashley feels betrayed and cheated. To her Jamie is an impostor and she is determined to make him pay. But forced cohabitation can sometimes have unpredictable consequences She works with her sister in the recreational centre which she owns.

Always an avid reader, especially of romantic literature, she first started writing at university, between one exam and another. She has had a string of successes as a leading investigator of organized crime, and has had to face threats and dangers. And she, a tough, brusque woman with a keen intelligence, is certainly not daunted by that prospect. But a few days after her arrival, the quiet provincial village is shaken by the discovery of a dead body. It is found by Paolo Cortelli, a thirty-five-year old plumber, the two-timing husband of the local hairdresser.

The investigation gradually comes to involve the whole village: the plumber, his wife, his lover, the jeweller Adalgisa is assisted by Carlo Preti, the coroner, an old flame from her schooldays Alessandra Carnevali was born in Orvieto and has a degree in foreign languages.

In she was the first officially recognized blogger at the Sanremo Festival. From to she wrote the blog Festival, specializing in Italian music and Sanremo, for the network Blogosfere. Since she has worked on web promotions for events and emerging performers. She writes novels, short stories and poetry. Roma caput mundi.

Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre - Full Horror Movie

After Diocletian, who shared power with three other emperors, there is a fierce struggle for the succession. No one is prepared to give up dominion over the world.

And Rome is affected by other tensions: on the one hand there are the bloody persecutions of the adherents of Christianity; on the other there is the ever more menacing presence of the barbarians. Among the protagonists of this transformation is Constantine, the bastard son of one of the emperors. The pen of Andrea Frediani recreates his irresistible rise, epic in scale and immensely important in its effects, but also his troubled love affair with Minervina and his rivalry with Martinian, a man determined to defend the values of a society and tradition that are crumbling.

This trilogy brings to life a troubled age, the age that marked the transition from ancient to medieval Rome, and from the traditional gods to the God of the Christians. The Last Praetorian The empire has been in chaos for decades, but Diocletian, having won yet another civil war, restores stability, creating a college of four emperors, the tetrarchs. But his plan is threatened after a few years by the attacks of those who feel excluded: chief among them Constantine, the bastard son of Constantius Chlorus, one of the sovereigns. With the support of the Christians, Constantine is successful, finally gaining absolute control in the West, defeating his rival Massentius in the great Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

The concord between them does not last long and the inevitable breach leads to another bloody civil war, which establishes Constantine as absolute master of the empire.


But he is compelled to face family tragedies and conflicts which throw a sinister light on his figure. His death, marked by one of the most bloody massacres in the political history of Rome, leaves the empire once again divided and unstable. In order to block the advance of the barbarians, he is forced to give the huge responsibility of defeating the invaders to his young cousin Julian.

He is a character from another age: he venerates the traditional gods in a society where Christianity has permeated all layers of society and, despite prevailing in the inevitable clash with his cousin, is destined to be overwhelmed by the irresistible flow of events. Andrea Frediani was born in Rome in His works have been translated into six languages.

The theory that Islamic terrorists are behind the murder does not convince Ozouf. He has discovered that someone is trying to prevent the publication of the third volume of a successful trilogy, which denounces with alarming precision the intrigues of the increasingly powerful neo-Fascist party.

The author is Luc Ravel, a mysterious author whom no one has ever seen. Ozouf investigates and discovers that Ravel is the holder of a dangerous secret: he is a descendant of Nostradamus, and possesses the same gift for clairvoyance.

The Colorado Kid - Glenn Chadbourne, Stephen King • BookLikes (ISBNX)

It is thanks to that gift that Ravel has succeeded in unmasking some of the secret machinations of the Neo-Fascist party. In order to thwart another planned attack on the French capital, Ravel decides to come out into the open and help the authorities. Martin Rua was born in Naples, where he graduated in Political Sciences with a thesis on the history of religions.

His research concentrated particularly on the freemasonry and alchemy. With Newton Compton he has also published Napoli esoterica e misteriosa. This is the first volume of a new trilogy. A Night to Remember You How far are you prepared to go for the sake of love? Sylvia is at a conference in Germany when she meets a charming, mysterious man who bowls her over. They spend the evening together, followed by a night of passion which leaves an indelible mark on Sylvia. The next day he seems to have vanished into thin air.

Eventually she meets him again in Vienna, learning, to her great surprise, that Raphael Yun is the husband of Marian Stoffer, a luminary of scientific research with whom Sylvia has started working. The attraction is strong and reciprocal, and for Sylvia Raphael represents a constant temptation. What she does not yet know is that Raphael and Marian have a very open relationship. And soon she becomes the lover of both of them. But her feelings for Raphael become increasingly strong. And there is no knowing where they will take her Giulia Ross was born in Milan in She graduated in biotechnologies and continued her studies with a doctorate in immunology.

Alongside her love for science she has always cultivated her two great passions, music and writing. Newton Compton has previously published her Ho scelto te. Murder Station. Victim no. The friendship that arises by chance between Vasile and Flavio seems an impossible one. The latter is a spoiled rich kid, the son of a businessman who lives in a villa outside Rome — the very villa that Vasile breaks into, intent on burglary.

Yet their friendship is cemented over time, becoming a sort of dual apprenticeship in crime. They come into contact with the most infamous and dangerous circles in the capital: drug pushers, organizers of dog-fights, arms dealers and people traffickers.

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Forced to flee and take refuge among homeless people, down-and-outs, the outcasts of the city, when they feel safe again everything has changed. Especially for Flavio, who certainly cannot return to the comfortable life he had enjoyed before. And what he decides to do is extremely dangerous He has also contributed short stories to the anthologies Estate in giallo, Giallo Natale, Delitti di Ferragosto, Delitti di Capodanno, Delitti in vacanza and Sette delitti sotto la neve. A karate black belt and a tai ki kung instructor, he has been since his childhood a practitioner of the martial arts he describes in his novels.

They mean to kill her. It is an ordinary working day when the lawyer Anna Ferrari receives this phone call from a stranger. Police inquiries start immediately and lead to the arrest of a young Moroccan boy who was in the vicinity of the crime scene and had traces of blood on him.

At the police station Hamid refuses to talk and keeps asking for the lawyer Ferrari.

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  • Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition) Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)
    Colorado Kid (versione italiana) (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)

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