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Grace Is Power, Not Just Pardon

Bible verses for: God's Election

Your weak exegesis of the rest of the passages aside, it is absolutely astounding how you just gloss over Romans , arguably the most definitive passages on the entire topic. The level of dishonesty here is just inexcusable. I agree with the man that said they are only men, Study the Word. Also diligently seek your crowns. Are you skipping the Church. I am called a son of God. I believe even John Wesley believed in foreknowledge but we do have free will.

Humility Was His Secret Strength

Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so. I am grafted in and of course you know that. If there is elect and I will research this but election is open to all that will come to Jesus. And you say three years but there have many people in the bible used by God without any knowledge.

Calvin is definitely not my favorite but there are many reformed people now and they are pretty good. However, I do not remember the verse but does not the Holy Bible say some were born for destruction. I could go deeper but I will let it be. I will find that verse and come back. I think there are elect in the Church not just Jewish, Doug.

I like the word foreknowledge better. I am a member of the Body of Christ which is the Church. We all have to be born again, right, Doug? God Bless. How could God, who created man in His own image, sending His son to die for all man, the entire world, also create a certain number of them to be tortured in Hell throughout eternity without ever giving them a chance at redemption and salvation. Why would He do that?

Predestination according to the Calvinist view is a total and complete contradiction making God sound like a liar according to all of His promises. What people have to remember about Calvin and also Luther, is that they were clouded with anti-Semitic views. On the contrary, they were Christian revolutionaries for the greater good of Christianity.

Too often Christians are taught a certain Systems and Creeds that are written by man no less, and they never doubt; they never Seek and Test as Paul instructed. They just accept. I do test everything that is interpreted by other people, and myself. Cheers Douglas on a great article. Acts and as many as were appointed to eternal life believed….

Gentiles appointed to eternal life. As a Christian for 43 years and a pastor for 16 years I am beginning to see that the plan of God for Israel will be completed as He designed from the beginning. I think that the Gentile church age is simply a gift that we should appreciate and realize that it has an end.

Enjoy salvation and let God finish the work on Israel that He started with Abraham. God always finishes what He starts. Joh Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Eph According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:. I used to believe in being chosen and elected but it lead me to become puffed up and I grew slack about bible reading and praying and without fear of God. I thought I was safe. God bless you and thank you for your time spent in educating us. James White is a lying Jew himself. Stop falling for these lying rats.

He stands up for Christendom in defending the accuracy of the bible. Anyway, I agree that Calvinism is a fail. We are commanded in the Bible to preach the Gospel.

Of the Salvation of God's Elect, and of the Covenant of Grace

If God predestined every single person to heaven or hell, preaching the Gospel is pointless. Can some Calvinist on here please answer this question? Is that truly JUST? Then the judge laid down the penalty sending two of the teenagers to jail for life, but setting his own son free. Was justice done in this case?

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  • The Good Wife (A Brennan Sisters Novel);
  • Teaching God's sovereign and free grace.

You cannot give mercy to some and justice to others who committed the same offense and still be perfectly JUST, period. If you say God is not just, you have to ignore a plain reading of scripture like Jeremiah It would then seem that the term justice is the opposite of how we would define it, so should we do the same with terms like Love and Mercy, etc? Hi Douglas! I read through the whole article and really enjoyed it!

Sorry this was posted twice I thought the first one was deleted- I look forward to your response though! No one can come to Jesus except if the father draws him! But not ever man is saved because they do not chose God. The only issue that you did not address was Jesus words- such as no one can come to me unless the father draws him John 6 there are some other references in Scripture like that. How do you handle these clear verses in your world view?

God is free to choose who is part of His family. Doug is obviously a learned and sincere man. But why should anyone accept his exegesis over those of other learned and sincere people who look at the same scripture and draw different conclusions? I hope that you will see how the word is used.

Lesson 2: Are You Elect? (1 Thessalonians ) | linddesttechwindre.gq

Please let me know if and when it becomes clear. First, let me preface my statements with statng I have a great deal of respect for Douglas Hamp.

He makes a thoughtt provoking argument. However, there remains scripture to support this so-called Calvanist notion of predestinaton. So it is feasible that one could fail to submit there will and thereby forgo their destination. But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work. In 1Pet — Peter is writing to those in the Diaspora — Gentiles by definition have never been in the Diaspora.

A Greek living in Greece is home, not scattered. Jews living in Greece are scattered as fulfillment of Deut 28, Lev James confirms that it was the tribes of Israel who were in the Diaspora — check the Greek on that and you will see the word used. Deut It was the Jews who were foreknown from the beginning — Paul says that too in Romans. For I too am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Benjamin. The problem as I see it, is that you are starting with the Calvinist spin and then you are attempting to foist it on the Bible.

The very core definition you are using is incorrect and that is what my paper is all about. If you start with the standard Calvinistic definition of election, etc. However, if we let the Hebrew Scriptures define it, then your case falls apart. Where did Paul spend three weeks in Thessalonica? I plan on writing another paper demonstrating that and the Jews in Ephesians some time soon hopefully. Look carefully at the passage, the answer is obvious when you observe the full context and let Scripture interpret Scripture:. Paul foresaw this objection and deals with it first.

In verse 15 Paul refers to Exodus , where God very nearly wiped out Israel after the golden calf incident.

1. The Elect Are the Jews and/or the People or Nation of Israel

God is so mad He contemplates starting over with Moses. God also used Pharaoh — who hardened himself against God when he had chances to relent — as an instrument to show His power. But Egypt nationally was so badly damaged they never fully recovered…one mighty nation of [false] gods dashed to pieces; one tiny, weak nation of slaves exalted by the One True God.

The point is, even though Esau was the elder and the inheritance was justly his by birthright, God wanted it to go to Jacob and it did. In summary: God had mercy on Israel, He hardened the already self-hardened Pharaoh, and now He was setting Israel aside temporarily in unrepentant unbelief. All of which is His right to do, no matter what objection a Jew could bring up in reply. That is the context.

Gods Elect Gods Elect
Gods Elect Gods Elect
Gods Elect Gods Elect
Gods Elect Gods Elect
Gods Elect Gods Elect

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