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It came out in October , and then appeared in December though dated as a slender volume published by Kurt Wolff Verlag in Leipzig. What exactly is he transformed into?

The epithet ungeheueres Ungeziefer in the opening sentence poses one of the greatest challenges to the translator. That same blurred focus applies to other aspects of the story. How many rooms does this apartment have?

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Both are physical correlatives of a life that has gotten out of hand. Kafka is not even particularly attentive to the continuity of his cast of characters. Early on in the story we see the maid give notice and flee, only to find her still working in the household several pages later and in fact doing all the cooking, since now it is the cook who quit.

Except for the charwoman who plays a starring role in the penultimate scenes, the household help is just part of the furniture of the story, like the cabinet that gets shifted to another room. Since no one word in English fits well enough in all the contexts Kafka presents, I decided to translate the word in many different ways; but note when you are reading all these synonyms that you are watching a motif unfold.


Finally Gregor has only himself to blame for the wretchedness of his situation, since he has willingly accepted wretchedness as it was thrust upon him. Gregor Samsa, giant bug, is a cartoon of the subaltern, a human being turned inside out. Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term. Categories : Disambiguation pages. Hidden categories: Disambiguation pages with short description All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages.

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    Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
    Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
    Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
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    Metamorphosis Metamorphosis

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