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Interest Income ($7,620/year, 3.7% of total)

We really need to be mindful and conscious of our relationship to money. So the foundation is the core principle.

Then the lipstick element is the money management. You know, we apply lippy in the morning, and then at lunchtime; those periods throughout the day are as often as we need to be connected with, how are we treating money, what money-making activities are we taking in our lives and our business? How are we mindfully and consciously using our money? Those sorts of things: as often as we apply our lipstick is as often as we need to be considering those.

The third element of the clutch — and I believe this is the forgotten element when it comes to money mastery — is wealth creation.

That is represented by the perfume bottle in the clutch. What is your signature scent when it comes to wealth creation? You know yourself. And so, for me, that really represents your signature scent in terms of your wealth creation.

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Sommer: I love that! That perfume just represents so much. And we have a few different versions of perfume for different occasions. It makes so much sense. And the bottles always look so wealthy! I love to be able to smell nice, it makes me feel special. And elements of importance as well. For sure. You should feel abundant and prosperous, and make sure that your money is supporting you so you can enjoy those finer elements in life without you having to be working so hard to do so. Sommer: I like that an awful lot!

So if anyone wants to jump on that, I am going to put a link to this particular webpage so you can jump straight on the clutch. Now, I wanted to talk about: what is the number one block that you see come up consistently in women? And again, this is all unconscious. Their money story not being in support with what their goals are, is really what it comes down to. And again, what we talk about it so in alignment, just directed in different areas of life; and both areas of life are essential for survival. I find we like to think, in life, all our different elements are in these neat little boxes that we put on shelves.

We have our business, and our relationships, and our children, and our interests.

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Everything really is interrelated and connected. Sommer: It really is. Can you give us any examples of some woman — obviously no private details — any success stories you can share of women that have bridged that gap?

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What you share is so true. We really do have that opportunity at any time to say, I acknowledge, I accept, and I release the past, and this is what I want to move forward and create. We peeled back some layers and looked at some conditioning beliefs, and it turned out that she had a family story of when a great level of income is created — this had happened in the past, with people that she had been connected with — they had cracked this level of income, and then all of a sudden everything fell over, and the business fell apart.

So although consciously she had been working towards creating this incredible level of income… unconsciously, there was the driving with the handbrake on. Again, this is all unconscious stuff. When she came to me it was like, I need more marketing… it was all this physical, tangible stuff. We have to do more to get more, sort of thing. It was only through the mindset work we did to peel back layers and uncover that it was this story she was carrying — that she had this unconscious belief that once that level of income was created, that was it, it was all going to fall apart from there — that she was able to heal that.

I very excitedly received an email on the first of November that advised me that she had received an email from her accountant and she had gone 8, dollars over that level of income for the month. It gives me tingles. Particularly for women — and I find this is so true — a lot of times women are the energetic baseline of the family. The things that she was struggling with were affecting the family.

I talk about that a lot, about the energy that comes from within you to external to you, and how much power you have to influence and hold that space. From the not-so-desired experiences to the most desired experiences. Years ago, when I was in energy healing work, I had a client come to me and we did some work on her holding a particular space around a significant financial loss that was coming up, and they could foresee the outcome, and holding a space for her husband to be able to make the decision to let go.

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She never in a million years thought it could ever happen, and it happened. It turned out so much better for them. They had to take a hit, but what ended up unfolding beyond that was extraordinary. Jessica: I love that!

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And this is the power of working with somebody, like yourself, to support you in holding that space. This is why… I love that you gave an example of a woman who was a housewife. So for her, of all the members in the family, for her to make this decision is so powerful, and obviously the result was extraordinary. It really comes down to our willingness and our commitment to create a different future.

My chair just broke!

What Does Financial Success Mean to You?

Jessica: It really is all behind the temples. I know of people who are so attached to the story. You want your story? Sommer: Absolutely. I know I spent a lot of years stuck in my own story, and I absolutely own my own doo-doo, as far as having lived that journey.

And it is so possible for you, as much as anybody else. The only difference between you and them is the fact they took their blinkers off and like you said, made that different choice. I have my own stories as well. We had animals that went missing. One was killed in an accident, and then a few months later our other pony died from smoke inhalation from the bush fire. You can have any number of triggers come at you during the day. Is it mine, or is it a trigger for something else?

But eventually if you keep stepping it wears off. Jessica: That is so true. What are those old toys, that you have to put the stones in them, and you flick them? Jessica: A slingshot.

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Jessica: For sure. I think that raises a really important point: that in the moment we can be stuck on something, but we really do need to celebrate just how far we have come, and the change we have been able to put in place, for sure. Does that ever happen? Jessica: I really honor and celebrate my clients. Not great marketing, I know. There is a lot of deep dive stuff we do. We peel back layers, we get uncomfortable.

Basically, it does create a lot of change in their lives. It can be really difficult in those moments. And I forget what you asked me before I started rambling about that, sorry. Jessica: Absolutely, under their nose. Today I would have done this, but now I did this instead. I always say to my clients: Look for the subtle magic. Look for the little signs. All of those subtle little bits of magic, they invite more, and then then they compound, and they invite more, and before you know it is has this beautiful flow effect to all the areas in your life.

I love that so much. Jessica: It really helps you to see the compounding effect. It was just a case of one foot in front of the other. The beginning of her life, when she was living in the circumstances that she had, which were just extraordinary, no one would have imagined that she would be who she is right now. Do you just wake up rich one day? She had the most amazing business that she had created.

It just kind of is happening all along the way.

Jessica: I love that. I had a conversation with a friend recently, and we were just talking about everything that had been happening in my life, and hers as well. It just creeps up on you sometimes. Look at lottery winners: they wind up bankrupt and with no money in such a short amount of time.

I have quite a strong personal belief system around throwing people into those sorts of experiences. So it all provides opportunity.

Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy
Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy
Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy
Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy
Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy
Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy
Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy
Passive Income Pleasure:  Freedom is Sexy Passive Income Pleasure: Freedom is Sexy

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