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1st Edition

Click here to sign up for our newsletter. But what did Weigel actually write? I understand your perspective and there are positives to it. However it is almost impossible to get consensus on key issues because of divergent interests. I leads to dangerous inaction on so many fronts. Every so often Mr. Weigel writes a column that has no clear conclusion; where he basically likes to tip-toe around a firm statement or position. Here is such an instance. Pope John Paul II to declare: nationalism-bad and patriotism-good. Then he gives two examples of good nationalism — U.

Somehow Mr.

Weigel could not find the courage though to say that Trump and his supporters hold too narrow a national interest. It is true that Trump could be called a nationalist, but he is not Steve Bannon with whom he has broken ties. Weigel should consider that Truman did not have to face so many radical anarchists on one side and so many professional unionists on the other even in his own country. In such an atmosphere just about any patriot could be called a nationalist.

Anyone who thinks President Trump is dividing the country has been asleep for about 40 years. Deep moral and spiritual differences have come upon us.

It happens to be coming to a head during this time and because he calls it what it is. Granted, crudely at times, but still courageously. The light is shining on it. It was so bad before him, that the government could barely operate or reach any conclusions or agreements or laws.

We are still the most cariing of nations and people. When I was a young mother I had an insight, simplistic as you may think, that on an airliner when in trouble, a parent is instructed to use the oxygen first befor the children.

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Any thinking person knows why. If you are not operating, how are you helping anyone? I used that example through the years in many ways. It may look selfish at times but it works for the right end you want for all. America has been in trouble by not taking care of home, then others. President Trump is trying to fix that, not ignore others.

New Nationalism

If your home is in shambles, who wants to be like you anyway? I think we have a slim chance here. Are we, like the government, just supposed to ignore that? This compounding debt is not going to be paid, or simply disappear, anytime soon. Meanwhile, we, and realistically, the next two generations at minimum, are beholden to the escalating interest. To what extent have they nurtured and reflected the views and voices of diverse Canadian communities? How many of the writers at the Globe and the Star and the hundreds of faculty teaching the social sciences and humanities at U of T are non-white or of non-European origin?

I suspect the percentage is low -- too low for a country as multicultural as Canada. Is this intended to pre-empt the development and emergence of new voices who may reimagine Canada? Why are all the commentators and columnists in the academic papers noted above white?

New Nationalism | United States history | Britannica

Given that Canada's century-long Indian Residential School System was officially abolished in , Canada has a unique opportunity to be a bridge-builder among peoples and countries. The Greater Toronto Area today is one of the world's most diverse jurisdictions, with over half of the population belonging to a visible minority. I am Brazilian. I can say that this article is extremely biased. It also ignores important information, such as the attempted assassination of President Bolsonaro by a militant member of the extreme left.

In addition to receiving popular support from all strata of society, including black and LGBT people, Bolsonaro ran the cheapest presidential campaign in the country's history. The left destroyed Brazil ethically and financially. Without immigration, Canada's economy—and tax base, and population—would enter free-fall. But of course there are those who would welcome that -- the conservative elites and those they have hoodwinked, who would bear the brunt.

Those who look to the Doug Fords and Donald Trumps of this world to improve life for their citizens should look back on all the previous ultranationalisms and see what devastation they caused. Then they should look at South Korea's economic and educational policies since the Second World War to see one example how it can be done right.

All that politicians such as Ford and Trump care about are power and wealth for themselves and their friends, and obedient acquiescence from everyone else. All their rhetoric and policies serve this end. It is the neo-liberal policies of the past 30 years that have brought the world to its present desperate impasse. Many, if not most, governments have surrendered much of their power to transnational corporations. The real buying power of much of the population has been declining for about that length of time.

Those who have benefitted don't care about the rest. What John Kenneth Galbraith observed two generations ago is as true now as it was then: "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. I find it telling that Ronald Barrett's comments about "globalists" and "Islam" are exactly the sentiments that, in previous generations, many Canadians and Americans believed and publicly stated about Indigenous peoples, about Jews, about Irish, and about Poles—just to name a few.

Don't forget that the pioneering industrialist, Henry Ford, distributed, at his own expense, hundreds of thousands of copies of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," that classic antisemitic fantasy, cooked up by the Czarist predecessor to the KGB, and cherished by the Nazis. Scapegoating, the true opium of the people, is a primitive, ignorant ritual no more effective now than it was in archaic Greece.

Introduction and summary

Tell that to these new nationalists. Trump is not a problem. He is a symptom of the deep crisis of western liberalism, which is mistakenly seen by its beneficiaries as the final stage of societal evolution or at least the elites, including university professors, want you to believe this. Liberalism and its global economic system of oppression is not the end of history.

New Nationalism Speech

It's replaceable, and what comes next is unavoidable. Read Marx.

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  • Regarding the recently elected Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, the author of this article does not cite any sources. He claims that Bolsonaro targeted "minorities, women and the LGBTQ community" but this is not shown in Bolsonaro's social media channels, his official campaign website or his full government program, which was made publicly available at the beginning of the campaign at Brazil's electoral justice website. I have a suggestion that would help undercut the move toward nationalism.

    We should implement Universalist Service. Every young person including citizens, immigrants and refugees would be drafted at age 18 to serve for two years in environmental, social or military service. Preparation for service would include physical training and literacy and civics lessons in diverse groups that reflect Canada's multicultural makeup.

    Subsequently, government would cover three years of education and basic expenses for college, university or apprenticeship. It is clear we cannot compete with labour costs in developing countries. Building a highly trained and flexible workforce of engaged citizens is the way forward. From " Donald Trump Jr. Switzerland is not an inclusive society.

    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism
    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism
    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism
    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism
    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism
    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism
    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism
    The New Nationalism The New Nationalism

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