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Congratulations to your sister!!

Sissy Had Her Baby and Boston Training Week #5! | The Hungry Runner Girl

And I could totally use 1 or 12 of those oreos! Do you ship to VA?? Congrats to your sister!! My best run last week was a hill workout on Thursday. Even though I hate hills they make me feel like Im getting stronger:. Congrats to your sister!!! Those homemade Oreos look so good!

It felt so good and tempo runs always help me see my progress. It sounds like your week of running went well too. Best run last week was probably a combo of a 5 miler and fast 5k with a friend on Tuesday. It was 70 degrees out!!

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My best run was probably my recovery run yesterday- those 5 miles felt great! I feel pretty good today albeit a little sore. Congratulations on your new nephew! Sounds like he and I were almost bday twins — my birthday is today! Congratulations to your sister! Best run was 4 mi outdoors on Saturday. They use those same exact hats and blankets in WI. Have fun becoming his favorite Aunt. Congrats to your sister and you on the new baby! We could see the fireworks going off from my house during the performance.

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I live 3 blocks from the stadium. So many people yesterday! LOVE Pez!! And, sadly or maybe not so sadly , I won a Pog tournament at my elementary school in fifth grade. Congrats to your sister, and good luck on the rest of your training. Congrats to your sister Janae!! YES, April will be here before we know it. My runs all felt strong last week, especially my long run—18 miles with 4X1 miles downhill hard and fast.

Of course, I had to run back uphill each time. I ended up with over 1, feet of climbing. My coach is prepping my quads for the downhills at Boston. I had a 51 mile week, too. I agree that that is a great weekly mileage! Aw, congrats to your sister and fam on the baby! I totally collected Pez but never loved the candy…They make some really nice rhinestone and glittery pez dispensers these days, Hello Kitty ones — so cute! My son also collects Pez dispensers! We have so many. Haha Pez and Pogs!

So funny!

Right here. Right now.

Congrats on a beautiful new nephew! Part of the race was through a riverbed, which killed my foot literally so I will be calling my podiatrist first thing this morning — but it was still kind of worth the awesome time! My best run last week was a 5 miler treadmill run that turned into 6 with sprints afterward!

And no February birthday here, but my little girls birthday is in February. Which as a parent you know become more important than yours. The next time we hang out…I may just make you make me those delicious Oreo cookies. Congratulations to your sister. He is beautiful and she looks incredibly happy! Glad to hear that mama and baby are doing well. My Little Ponys and anything Lisa Frank.

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I sprained my ankle last week during a run, but that run was actually the best of the week. It was a ladder incorporating 10K speed. It went by so fast! I had a blah week of running most of last week, but then a kill long run on Saturday! Now I know why you love running with others so much :. Pogs were definitely a part of my childhood. I remember at the height of their popularity the school yard having just about everyone playing with them.


And maybe your legs are fatigued after the long one because of the power exercises? Maybe doing squats would be too much? I dunno. Thanks for sharing your training deets. I love reading about it all.

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  • Training of a kept sissy.

So was the little guy born on February 1st? During the SuperBowl or before OR did he come earlier? Curious minds want to know….. My best run was my 20 miler on Saturday with some speedy friends.

I turn Tomska into a sissy!

I live right across from the Pez factory! Sugary goodness in the air :. That is SOOO cool!! I want to come take a tour. I would love to smell the candy every day haha! Have a great day! I loved PEZ and pogs! We would sometimes swallow them whole and pretend we were taking pills to be funny. Haha I guess we thought we were SO cool!

They really are tasty. Not bad to eat on a long run though :. My tempo run last week was really good. My worst was by far my long run. Have a wonderful week! Bostonians are trapped inside again today with a blizzard blaring outside. Another 14 inches expected. You rocked your tempo run! Oh… you are way tough to run 13 miles in those conditions. Stay warm!!! Congratulations on your new addition, YAY!!!!! Skittles and anything cinnamon really remind me of my childhood!!

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Training of a kept sissy Training of a kept sissy
Training of a kept sissy Training of a kept sissy

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