Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat

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Rosenow learned his nautical skills growing up in Marstrand, Sweden, raced and sailed cruising boats, and later apprenticed himself to master sailmaker Gunnar Andersson.

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In the s, while continuing to cruise, he became a columnist for Sail magazine, where he is remembered for his award-winning pencil and watercolor illustrations. Rosenow divides The Ditty Bag Book into two parts, tools and processes, and begins with the absolute basics. He clearly explains the craft of worming, parceling, and serving rope or wire rigging to protect against dampness and chafe as well as heaving tools and wire locks. Finally, he shows you how to sew in rings and grommets and goes over traditional and wire rope, tape and canvas.

All of this is beautifully illustrated by his drawings on the use of the tools. The book is organized into seven sections, mostly in chronological order. The first four sections are organized according to the progressively larger boats owned and sailed at the time, with a short history of each boat. The rest take place in Virginia Beach and south into Florida. Bob repeatedly attempts to describe the Long Island area, but any reader not intimately familiar with the north end of Long Island will soon wish he had included a map illustration in the book.

For the most part, the stories are interesting and often humorous.

  1. The Old Merchant Marine, by Ralph D. Paine.
  2. Cognitive Linguistics (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics).
  3. Origine du nom de famille freyburger (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition).

I felt that a few of the stories were not very well composed, even amateurish, though the underlying story was good. The lack of an editor became rather annoying and seems strange, considering the author is a retired English teacher. The stories are all short — most are only three or four pages. Laura S. This was an exciting place, especially for a young, ambitious man like Edward Marshall who epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit that made America a haven for him and those of his ilk.

With dreams of becoming a shipbuilder, merchant, and businessman, he is well on his way to establishing a reputation as an honest, hardworking individual, learning and earning as he absorbs all he can to make his dream come true. We first meet Edward as a young boy whose father had left his wife and their prosperous sugar plantation in Barbados years earlier to live a life of adventure as a pirate. Edward resented his lineage and the trouble it caused him, so when Reverend Eubanks invited the nine-year-old to join him in his new assignment in Brunswick, in colonial Carolina, Edward jumped at the chance.

The story picks up fifteen years later when we see Edward in early adulthood making a name for himself as an aspiring entrepreneur in his adopted town, where he still seeks the advice of the aging Reverend Eubanks, whose friendship Edward still cherishes. Some of the characters develop quite nicely in the heart of the novel, but they seem to disappear when they could have been a larger feature and made a heftier contribution to the story, thereby adding to the intrigue.

Similarly, the plot seems to lose some of its pizzazz about three-quarters of the way through and the story seems to fizzle, which is unfortunate because there are two features that lend a certain amount of credibility to the story: 1 Wharton has done her research and we get a fairly good idea of what life must have been like in the colonies; and 2 She also has a firm grasp on the nautical world in that era, which makes that part of the story come alive. When year-old Barbara Singer walked away from a life that had become increasingly difficult, she did not walk directly aboard a boat.

She took a road trip from Pennsylvania to Alaska and back before signing on as paid crew on a sailboat in the Caribbean. It was an excellent time for a midlife reinvention. Judgment keeps us from joy. Life is always a result of our thoughts. Expectation makes us unhappy. The first two weeks of island hopping aboard the sailboat led her to learnings, a bit of re-engineering of thoughts about sailing.

Her second book is already available to teach you how to follow in her wake. Readers need to confront themselves, she says. She offers a series of tips on how folks can free themselves from life ashore: Liquidate your home. Sell your car. Get healthy. Forget about security and responsibilities.

Then, Happy Happiness Search! I have been following the adventures of Richard Cutler since when the first of a projected seven-book series of novels was published.

Much more than documents.

A Matter of Honor and For Love of Country , the first two novels in the series, were marvelously written and brought history alive in a most cogent and entertaining fashion. Book three in the series, The Power and the Glory , picks up where Book two leaves off. It does not disappoint. A Matter of Honor takes place during the Revolutionary War. For Love of Country is set during the first decade after the war, when the infant republic and the Cutler family are forced to confront the attacks of Barbary pirates off the coast of North Africa and the outbreak of the French Revolution.

It is the late s. War breaks out between the United States and France. It is a war fought without Congressional approval and entirely at sea in the West Indies. The newly minted U.

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His depictions of life at sea are compelling to lubber and mariner alike. But he does not stop there. At the core of all his novels is the great love affair between Richard Cutler and his English-born wife Katherine, a love nurtured by the children and family and friends they foster together.

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Before I finished the first book, the central characters had become people near and dear to my heart. They are my friends and neighbors. They are people I care deeply about. I highly recommend this historical fiction series. Start with the first book and read all three — then wait, as I must, with great anticipation for the release of Book four and other novels in the series.

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  • The Plays of Vijay Tendulkar Critical Explorations;
  • Bird Dance.
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  • Bill Hammond is a master writer of nautical fiction whose literary gifts are yours to enjoy. The world needs more talented singers writing about sailing, and the sun is always over the spreaders somewhere.

    Druett, Joan

    Most of the ten songs on this professionally produced CD are about getting to, sailing around, or relaxing in the islands, which is an idea rather than a fixed geographic location. In the early s, madmen were taking on the civilized world — and winning. The Nazis controlled most of Europe and were preparing to conquer the British Isles.

    The Japanese had decimated the U. Pacific fleet, and the United States and its allies were losing the war. Off the East Coast of the United States, German U-boats operated freely, with little opposition, sinking our cargo ships and tankers.

    One of these measures was the commandeering of personal yachts, mostly sailboats, to conduct rescue operations along the East Coast for the thousands of sailors whose ships were sent to the bottom by the German submarines and to patrol the coastal waters and report by radio, in coded messages, the presence of any U-boats. Jule tells about those times as a story-within-a-story.

    Although fiction, it is based on very real historical events and is true to the mores and feelings of that time — I know, because I was in the service during those years. One of the two amalgamated stories, told in the first person, is about a young lady who is driving her grandfather from his home in Milford, Connecticut, to the funeral of an old friend in Vermont. His experiences, in the second story-within-a-story, are described in the third person and cover a period from just prior to WWII in the mid s until his time aboard the foot Alden schooner, Tiger Lily , during the desperate years.

    The juxtaposition of the past and the present in the two stories works perfectly. I found that to be very true in this case. Not only does Voyages in Desperate Times capture the spirit and the differences of these two time periods, it also offers vivid insight into a moment of history that is all but forgotten. The Bilge Pumps take traditional Christmas songs and replace the lyrics with pirate fare.

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    Plundering, killing things, soon it will be Christmas Day. Your brilliant hues, your dulcet tones, have scrambled all my rods and cones. In addition to their CDs, they have a busy schedule of live shows. Their performances combine sea songs, shanties, and Celtic music with a large dose of silly comedy.

    The group consists of five men who look fabulous in pirate regalia and play a variety of instruments including steel drums, kazoos, hand drums, and guitar. In addition to Bilge Pumps CDs, Ibidis Mortem offers an eclectic collection of assorted esoteric stuff such as a lady-on-stilts performer, wild west and medieval stunt shows, and hand-crafted steel drum mallets.

    So now you can imagine, it was quite a surprise, when a light in the distance come into me eyes. I peered through the spy glass, then let out a hoot, for out on the billows I spied some old coot. There was nary a reindeer and neither a sleigh, but eight silver dolphins was pulling a red dinghy my way. If I have learned anything at all by this stage in life, it is that happiness comes from within not from without.

    When her worst nightmare is realized — her husband decides they should retire early and sail away for health reasons, she is terrified. Although she enjoys everything associated with sailing, she does not like sailing itself.

    Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat
    Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat
    Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat
    Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat
    Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat
    Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat Tyfoons Tale: TheTrue Story of a Seafaring Cat

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